‘Blazing’ is still one of my favourite prints. It is an ambigram which means you can read it both ways up.

Sean Freeman
Project: MCK3NZ® A collaborative project in campaign branding by Lightning Strikes™, on behalf of Iranian presidential candidate Dr. Hooshang Amirahmadi.
Summary: In support of the Amirahmadi 1392 campaign, MCK3NZ®, has collaborated with Lightning Strikes™ design to create a proposed brand image for Dr. Amirahmadi’s candidacy, a projected branding for a historic campaign. Check out the project here: AMIRAHMADI 1392 CAMPAIGN
US AND IRAN : FRIENDS FOR A CHANGEBest wishes for Dr. Amirahmadi. With the courage to go and wake up a future for Iran. In peace Tehran need never become a Persian Pyongyang. A bad wound heals but a bad word doesn’t. And thankfully the good doctor on a platform for peace knows:
'He who wants a rose must respect the thorn.'

This Moment She’s Been Waiting For…The Angel Opens Her Eyes

"…Oh now feel it
Comin’ back again
Like a rollin’ thunder chasin’ the wind
Forces pullin’ from the center of the earth again
I can feel it…”

…Pale blue colored iris, presents the circle and puts the Glory out to hide, hide…

"Lightning Crashes" by Live from ‘Throwing Copper’ 2004 [Radioactive Records]

LS N° 12___Caricatures & Portraits: Striking The Shepherd
LS N° 12___The Pontiff’s Strike: Pope Benedict XVI, 2013
Joseph Ratzinger acting as Benedict XVI is the serving 265th pope and has become the first Sovereign of the Vatican City State to resign the papacy since 1415. Benedict becomes the first Bishop of Rome ever to resign the Petrine Ministry citing his declining years.
Title: Benedictus PP.XVIArtist: MCK3NZ®Art Height: ( 25.68 cm )Art Width: ( 17.64 cm )Medium: Digital, pencil & gouacheResolution: 73 ppiFeatures: Fulgur Ferit MMXIII - Ita Erit Et Adventus Filii Hominis
[Source: MCK3NZ® Lightning Strikes™]

Doves’ Eyes Cara
N° 06_____The Maiden’s Beauty: Cara, 2013
Digital artwork of Cara Delevingne by MCK3NZ® for the illustration “Thou Hast Doves’ Eyes Within Thy Locks”.
[Source: MCK3NZ® Lightning Strikes™]